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Learn About Our Amazing Home!


Tucson is an incredible little big city and we have accolades to prove it! Many will say that Tucson is about fun people and amazing...

Tucson Recycles

What can I recycle and what's not recyclable?Click here to see which items The City of Tucson Environmental Services accepts and does not accept.   This pdf file...

Tucson Weather

One of my favorite things about Tucson is it's great weather all year round. Nestled in a valley, Tucson is surrounded by mountains that rise as...

Tucson is home to fantastic natural wonders and a vibrant, south-western culture.  A foodie paradise, Tucson is also home to the best Mexican food you can find on this side of the border.  Might Tucson be home to you? 🙂

If it already is home, congratulations!  You already know full well the incredible entertainment options found throughout the city.  You already frequent the numerous art galleries and you’ve tasted the action of the Downtown Nightlife.  This page has a bunch for you to brag about when telling your friends and family about Tucson.

If you are thinking of making Tucson your home, you’re about to make the best choice you’ve ever made! Congratulations, and I can’t wait to show you around!  Tucson is an oasis of friendliness and hospitality, you’ll fit right in 🙂

Check out our LGBT Accolades to learn about all the great things Tucson is doing for our community.  You’ll also learn about the many amazing successes we have had as a community.  There is a wealth of information and we are adding to the page constantly, so check back regularly!

View More Tucson Accolades on SeeTucsonHomes.com
View More Tucson Accolades on SeeTucsonHomes.com

Head over to our sister site, SeeTucsonHomes, to read about all the achievements, and accolades Tucson has racked up over the years.  With awards ranging from “Top Ranked City for Dogs” to “10 Cheapest Places to Live“, there is literally something to interest everyone!

When you’re finally convinced and want to come see what all the fuss is about, give me a call at (520) 631-8669 or get your Free Relocation Package to find out where you can fit in our wonderful mosaic.  Tucson is home to wonder and adventure, perhaps you can call it home as well.