Thornhill Lopez Center for LGBT Youth Opens this Summer

Thornhill Lopez Center on 4th Avenue in Downtown Tucson
Thornhill Lopez Center on 4th Avenue in Downtown Tucson

Being young is hard enough, but for LGBT youths, it can be nigh impossible.  Especially in a religiously conservative country such as ours, it’s difficult to be okay with yourself when everyone else tells you not to be.  It’s hard to see the light in the tunnel when it’s blocked by the train trying to run you over.  Often, we need a little bit of time off the tracks.  The Thornhill Lopez Center is just such a respite.

Eon Youth

Eon Youth is a project I was involved with years ago, but I kinda got pulled in different directions and I haven’t had a chance to keep up with developments.  That was until I heard the great news about the Thornhill Lopez Center opening up this summer!  I am so happy that Eon Youth is roaring back to life!

Eon Youth is an offshoot of SAAF and attempts to reinforce the gay, lesbian, bisexual, two spirit, transgender, queer, addressing, bury sexed, and straight partner youth groups by making social open doors and giving data and support on medical problems.

Currently, SAAF has a special Eon Youth Lounge that offers a safe space for LGBT and strait-allied youth to hang out and receive the services they need. While it’s a great resource for youth led activism, the space is small and the staff needs more room for activities. How can we offer a wider range of comprehensive services to LGBTQ youth ages 13-23?

Enter Thornhill Lopez

The Thornhill Lopez Center will be a SAAF Place for Youth and will give a safe and persistent gathering place for LGBTQ youth and their partners. SAAF has already generated $1.8 million for the Thornhill Lopez Center on 4th Avenue, but there is still more to do! You can be a life saver for local LGBT youths by making your blessing today. In addition, all endowments will be matched, dollar-for-dollar.

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