Out & About at Venture-n

Out & About at Venture-n Tucson

Friday nights are meant to be fun. Usually grabbing dinner with friends and then having a couple of cocktails is how many of us like to celebrate the end of the work week. Sometimes though a crowded bar does not seem appealing, especially if we feel burnt out because you just had the week of hell. Finding a place where you can just “hang out” can be a little hard to do, but there are options.

One of these options is Venture-n Tucson. Being one of the oldest bars in town, Venture-n Tucson is also one of the most relaxed places where you can hang out and enjoy an evening. The bar is darker than the average bar, providing a sense of intimacy to patrons. It is also considered by many a “men’s only bar” but your lady friends will not be asked to leave if you chose to bring them along.

The bar has a back patio with an additional bar and plenty of sitting room. It was very nice to sit in one of the tables enjoying a great night and hanging out with friends. There was no loud music playing so the environment was more intimate than other bars.

The bartenders were all very nice, especially the bartender in the back, Guy. He offered a quick debriefing of what The Venture-n Tucson is all about and provided everyone with tasty cocktails. If you have not checked out this bar, make it one of your stops on a night when you are feeling like you just want to chill out and have fun with friends. You can either hang in the back patio, or play some pool, or get cozy in a relaxed environment for a perfect easy-going night out on the town.

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