New Route for Downtown Parade of Lights 2017

New Route for Downtown Parade of Lights 2017
New Route for Downtown Parade of Lights 2017

For whatever reason, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the Downtown Tucson Parade of Lights. It’s one of my favorite yearly events and I love how awesome it has become over the years.  I heard some rumors about some changes this year and I had a bunch of questions, but I couldn’t find the right resource.  As luck would have it, answers would come falling down my chimney.

While waking up on Friday, the morning after Thanksgiving, I heard a loud thud on the roof.  I instantly jumped to my feet, quickly joined by Keeley and a sleep-deprived Baxter.  Darren, having worked hard on our fabulous Thanksgiving Beast, waved the sound off and rolled over, quickly falling back asleep.  The puppies and I weren’t so easily fooled.

The Fall weather in Tucson is incredible, so it couldn’t be hail or wind or anything like that.  What could it be? I then heard what sounded like the tapping of hooves… on the roof?  An odd place for horseback riding, to be sure. As we meandered towards the living room to investigate, I heard an all-too familiar chuckle…

Santa in the Downtown Tucson Parade of Lights
Santa in the Downtown Tucson Parade of Lights

An Unexpected Visitor

Upon reaching the living room, we were delighted to see a jolly, rotund gentleman lounging in the Lay-Z-Boy and enjoying the latest edition of Out Magazine.  Baxter, being the little boy of the group, was the most excited and immediately jumped on Santa’s lap, drenching him with kisses.

A joyous laughter erupted from Santa’s belly and I rushed over to grab Baxter.  Forgetting how massive Baxter has become, I quickly snatched him up into my arms before losing balance and crashing to the ground.  Keeley, after witnessing the commotion, jumped on top of me and I became lost in a sea of wet noses and warm kisses.  I could tell this was going to be a great morning…

After wrestling with the beasts, I was finally able to pull myself to the couch.  I looked over to see Santa leaning forward, peering over his spectacles.  He then explained that he had overheard my questions about the Downtown Parade of Lights, and he had all the answers.  He also knew about our amazing LGBT Community Website and he made me promise to tell the Tucson Gay Community!  What follows is the transcript of the conversation:

The Downtown Parade of Lights is Coming December 16th, 2017
The Downtown Parade of Lights is Coming December 16th, 2017

Q&A with Santa about the Downtown Parade of Lights 2017

Question: When is the Downtown Parade of Lights 2017?

Answer: You can catch the parade once the sun starts to drop, between 6pm and 7pm on Saturday, December 16th. (Gay Events Calendar)  Before the parade, the young ones can take advantage of fun family activities at Jacome Plaza, behind the Joel D. Valdez Main Library in Downtown Tucson.

Rumor has it that there will be a lot of snow!

Question:  What is the Parade Route for 2017?

Answer: This year’s parade route will focus on Jacome Plaza in Downtown Tucson.  You can look above for the map, but the parade starts on Church and Alameda before taking a left on Pennington.  Stay on Pennington until taking a left on 6th and connecting to Toole.  Head down Toole and take a left on Stone to lead back to Jacome Plaza and the beginning of the parade.

Question: Is There Any Reason Not To Go to the Downtown Tucson Parade of Lights?

Answer: Not a single one.   The parade offers something for everyone.  You are sure to be amazed by the incredible lights, the extravagant sounds, and the awesome spectacle of the Downtown Tucson Parade of Lights 2017.  I can’t wait to see you there!

Question:  Where Can I Learn More About the Downtown Parade of Lights?

Answer: Head over to to learn all about the Downtown Parade of Lights 2017 and other Fun Things to Do in Tucson and the Surrounding Areas! (Thanks for the plug, Santa!)

Have a great day!
TonyRay 🙂

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