What You Need To Know About Trump’s Pathetic Transgender Military Ban

Trump's Pathetic Transgender Ban is A Disgusting Distraction
Trump's Pathetic Transgender Ban is A Disgusting Distraction

The reality on the ground is that transgender service men and women have contributed valuable and often heroic sacrifices for our country throughout our history. There are even reports of cross-dressed soldiers fighting for the union during the civil war. Most times, we never know the hidden identity of our heroes.  More recently, our heroes are more and more able to present their true selves. Trump’s “ban” would undo all that progress.

Can Trump Fire Me Because Of My Gender Identity?

We don’t know yet. The Joint Chiefs really dislikes Trump’s “tweet” and nothing will change without a written policy change from the Trump administration.

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was the final incarnation of the long and shameful practice of discriminating against peoples sexual orientation. In fact, military segregation based on sexuality was the longest surviving ban against community in our nations history.

During President Obama’s term in the White House, he began the slow process of opening up the entire military to transgender soldiers.  This has been ongoing up to and including the nomination of Trump. That’s why we don’t really know what is going to happen. The process for opening up the military is already underway, but we are still in the middle of it. Could Trump step in and blow everything up? Probably. Could his incompetence lead him to humanize our fight for equal treatment under the law? Here’s to hoping!

Where Do We Go From Here?

Now is the waiting game.  Studies have shown conclusively that there is no lessening of combat readiness or unit cohesion.  To the contrary, soldiers whom can reveal their true selves to their friends and coworkers report less stress and have more positive, productive relationships with their unit.  There is no appreciable reason for this discriminatory policy.

The Trump Presidency has become entire consumed by the allegations of Russian Collusion. Attacking a community might be just the ticket to distract the most xenophobic. This could also be an olive branch to racists before he removes his Attorney General and attempt to disband the Special Council for the Russian Investigation.

In short, this move almost has nothing to do with protecting the American people, and everything to do with protecting Trump.  Doing just about anything to end the investigation is the principle in Trump’s reality.  The fact that up to 15,000 lives will be upended is simply icing on a disgusting multi-layered cake.

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