Green Homes for Sale

Green Homes for Sale

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Advocate of green building practices.Fortunately, today there is an increased awareness when it comes to building Green homes in Tucson as well as other cities. From the general public to government officials, green building is definitely catching on.

Other subcontractors and service providers in Tucson are getting more involved as well. Landscapers, builders, suppliers, city services and utility companies are moving in the green direction.

The goal of a Green home is to achieve a good balance between affordability, energy efficiency and conservation of resources while maintaining a healthy, durable and comfortable home.

  • Today’s Green homes utilize: Recycled materials
  • Super insulation
  • Solar hot water
  • Solar heating
  • Gray and rainwater harvesting
  • Active solar and passive convection cooling
  • Solar shading

One of the nice things I’ve noticed about Green homes here in Tucson is that we are conserving while my clients enjoy beautiful, comfortable, energy efficient homes. And of course, lower utility bills. Gotta like that.

In new construction, I’ve noticed some builders are really making an effort to build more green while others are still catching on. However, most have started offering more green options.

One option I’ve noticed more Tucson builders are offering is radiant barrier insulation. It is ideal for Tucson and one of the easiest items to add to your new home. Its inexpensive and drops your energy bills dramatically. It is said to reflect up to 97% of radiant heat and act as a vapor and radon barrier.

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