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I knew we Tucsonans are pretty proud of our fun little city, but there is a whole gay world out there full of amazing people and we should know a little about their lives.  With that in mind, I present to you the Gay News section; a few of my favorite news sources talking about Gay News and Events around the world.  Check back regularly for constantly updated news and information that truly matters.

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We reflect upon who we are — and who we were.
Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and a self-proclaimed pedophile who thinks Hitler did "good things" are on the ballot this year.
Kate SpadePolice say that her death looks like a suicide.
Jack PhillipsMost people don't think that businesses should be allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ people.
Angel Cox-ColbertWhen a friend came out to Angel Cox-Colbert's daughter recently, she told her mom about the abuse he was suffering on social media.
Angry man staring at camera with hands folded in prayerReligions promoting discrimination against same-sex couples purchasing cakes are religions lacking in moral authority.
Antash'a English"She was an unapologetic, bold and loyal person," her friend said.
Laganja EstranjaShe talked about being too feminine for the dance world before turning it out on stage in full drag.
Two gay men sleeping in bed togetherThe first ad features three groups heavily affected by HIV: youth of color, transgender women, and gay men.
Long before Ellen, Pride invites Hollywood to stand up.
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The Guardian LGBT News Feed

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The writer said the gay novel was dead. But tales of our fight to exist are evolving into tales of our lives and loves

The brilliant writer Alan Hollinghurst said at the Hay festival this weekend that the gay novel was dead and had had its day. The author, who won the Booker Prize in 2004 for The Line of Beauty, said that though he, of course, welcomed the liberated times we lived in, they offered less creative nutrition for storytellers than the decades battling for acceptance did.

He’s right, of course, to a degree. It’s ironic that the creative opportunities offered in years past, could not, on the whole, be expressed. For every EM Forster (whose one gay novel was published after he died), think how many others remain hidden, lost or simply untold through fear, self-loathing or the belief they wouldn’t be published. In the period since, writers such as Gore Vidal, Alice Walker, Christopher Isherwood, James Baldwin, Maureen Duffy, Armistead Maupin and others used their keyboards to punch through the restrictions of the time. But even now, our stories aren’t often told because of prejudice, lack of interest and a feeling there is very little market for them.

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Film about the writer’s tragic final years conveys the spirit of the man, says Merlin Holland

Rupert Everett’s forthcoming film about Oscar Wilde’s tragic final years in exile has attracted some rave reviews, with talk of an Oscar for Oscar. Now it has been praised by the writer’s grandson, who says it conveys “the spirit” of the man and his genius.

Merlin Holland, Wilde’s only grandchild and an expert on the writer, told the Guardian: “I found myself terribly moved by it.”

This is not intended to be a feelgood film

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Following the supreme court ruling, the page for Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado was hit by mostly negative reviews

The online review site Yelp has been overwhelmed by users leaving reviews for Masterpiece Cakeshop, the Colorado bakery owned by Jack Phillips, who won a supreme court ruling earlier on Monday. The court ruled 7-2 that Phillips was within his rights to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

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A lot of you are being very critical but I actually wrote a nice review of the Masterpiece Cakeshop.

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Court rules in favor of Masterpiece Cakeshop, but doesn’t address principle of whether a business can refuse to serve gay people

The US supreme court on Monday ruled in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple for religious reasons, although the justices avoided a wider ruling on religious exemptions for businesses.

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We shouldn’t use gender-specific pronouns for genderqueer people – if we don’t respect someone’s preferences, we’re denying their identity

Most people prefer to be called “he” or “she”. But others, like Kelsey, do not: they want to be referred to by gender-neutral pronouns like “they”. Should you defer to Kelsey’s preferences? Many people think no. Some, like University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson, have recently garnered celebrity status by taking a stance against gender-neutral pronouns: “I don’t recognize another person’s right to determine what pronouns I use to address them,” Peterson has said. His view is common among social conservatives.

We think people should not use gender-specific pronouns for genderqueer people – people that do not identify as men or as women. We can start here: why should we use some words, rather than others, to refer to people?

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Why should we use some words, rather than others, to refer to people?

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Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in Brazil’s largest city for its 22nd annual celebration. Waving rainbow flags in a Carnival-like atmosphere, marchers paraded down the skyscraper-lined Avenida Paulista on Sunday to music blasting from 18 sound trucks, with revellers of all ages filling more than 10 city blocks

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Brian McFadden’s dress sense | Antimaterialism | Amazon jargon | Restaurant names | Marshmallow test | Brian Close

I’m so sorry Brian McFadden found it difficult to make good clothes choices when he went solo but I didn’t appreciate him saying he “looked like an old lesbian aunt” (Boys to men, G2, 30 May). I’m a lesbian aunt (who at 58 I’m sure he would deem ancient), I’ve never worn a suede shirt, and I have a great hairdresser. Time to cut the lazy insults, Brian.
Sylvia Ashton

• A welcome puncturing of materialistic attitudes from Mairi-Frances McKay (How I spend it, 2 June). On a salary of £16,000 she donates to charity with a £15-a-month standing order and often gives to people on the street because “that’s the sort of people we are”.
John Irving Clarke

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Leonne Zeegers won a landmark court victory to identify as gender neutral. In a remarkable interview, the former athlete and nurse tells of her life ‘born in two sexes’

Leonne Zeegers was five years old, splashing in the family’s bathtub with her siblings, when her sister shrieked and giggled at the “something between my legs”. It was the first time Zeegers remembers feeling different. “My sister was eight then, she said ‘eh, you’re a boy!’ and I was crying because I didn’t want to be a boy, I wanted to be like my sisters.”

Zeegers was born intersex in 1961, in the picturesque village of Swallen on the German-Dutch border, to Catholic parents who worked as an architect and a housekeeper at the local church.

Sex is between your legs, gender is between your ears. The body is just a suitcase for carrying your gender

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New volume includes once-hidden passages about the composer’s homosexuality

The words are tender and passionate, describing in raw detail the powerful emotions felt by one of the world’s best-loved composers. But until now some of the letters of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, in which he tells of his sexual desires, have been hidden from the world because the objects of those desires were other men.

Now the letters have been published in English for the first time, restoring sensitive passages about the composer’s homosexuality that had been deleted by Russian censors.

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Grant is remarkable as Jeremy Thorpe and the basic thrust is right, say people linked to the story. Shame about the cars ...

Watching Hugh Grant’s TV portrayal of Jeremy Thorpe, it is almost impossible to believe that such an extraordinarily reckless public figure could really have prospered in 20th-century British politics. But he did.

The insouciance, the exhibitionism, the darkness and the utter unreliability that Grant captures so brilliantly in A Very English Scandal may seem like a grotesque caricature of Thorpe. But it isn’t.

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An incident on March 29, 2018, in which government workers removed about 80 bodies from a damaged house, raised suspicions of a cover-up of killings of possible Islamic State (also known as ISIS) suspects. Human Rights Watch observed the episode. Days later, the house had been burned. 

Iraqi authorities at the site said they were the remains of ISIS suspects. Heath Ministry and Interior Intelligence Ministry officials at the site said they were not permitted to share information about where the bodies were taken. There has been no indication that the deaths are being investigated.