Yikes Toys

Yikes Toys
2930 East Broadway Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85716-5312
(520) 320-5669

Today I visited one of Tucson’s most playfully integrated stores, Yikes Toy Store! Yikes is a wonderful toy store located on the south side of Broadway between Tucson Boulevard and Country Club. And yes, it is the same store that was Downtown for over twenty years, but with a new local owner Patricia Katchur.

Patricia describes her store as a “blend of pop culture with toys that makes us unique”. I just know that the time spent moving through the mix of nostalgia and campy was FUN!!!

Before you even walk in the door, the front window display promises you will find hidden treasures, literally, I found pirate treasure right inside the front door! The vintage-style tin toys that wind up with a key are my favorites. There are groovy and offbeat decorations and is definitely the place to go for memorable birthday gifts, wrapping and cards.

Do you need a pink flamingo, chrome gnome, or the coolest retro looking lunch box in all the break room? Have you been missing your parents circa 1940’s and 50’s decor, and want some for your home?

If you need to get a fantastic present for someone special, want to throw a theme party or need to replace that old “woobie” that your mother took away from you when you were a child, then this is the place to go.