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Bodies by Laura – Personal Training
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Laura Walls is a world class personal trainer. She offers one-on-one private training and nutritional coaching in an equipped home gym. Utilizing popular, commercial-based gym equipment and her years of study and knowledge, Laura is equipped to help you reach your goals. Laura has earned many professional fitness titles so she can help you in every step of your journey.

Workout Space

Laura trains you in a beautiful, comfortable, tranquil, relaxed, private, distraction-free workout space. It is safe, secure and clean. There is a private changing room with bath/shower/vanity and swimming pool.


The workout space is filled with many nice pieces ergonomically designed equipment that will assist you in proper form to maximize applied biomechanics.

Exercise Equipment Manufacturers

  • Cybex
  • Nautilus
  • Hammer Strength
  • Flex
  • Body Solid
  • Johnny Gibson Proline
  • Powertec
  • Bomb Proof
  • Legend
  • Black Mountain
  • Gaiam
  • Valeo

Individualized Program Design

You won’t have to wander around the gym and wonder, ‘what should I do next?’ Laura will take the working out guesswork out for you because she will design a unique fitness program especially for you and your needs. Then, she will teach you how to do all of the exercises with great form and offer your encouragement and motivations to keep on going. A cheerleader, teacher, body scientist if you will.

Private, individual and customizable, this won’t be your standard one-size-fits-all CrossFit style workout. In fact, you should expect quite the opposite. When you utilize Laura’s services you will reach your goals quicker and more efficiently than working out with yourself. Did you know that even professional level lifters utilize the services of a personal trainer? That’s because it’s helpful and it works.

Services Provided

laura walls personal training
The gymFlexibility

Some examples of things you can work on are flexibility, balance, coordination and agility. Or possibly cardiovascular conditioning, lean muscle mass increase, and/or reduction of body-fat. Lauran most definitely will help you with dietary suggestions and nutritional supplements if you need them too.

laura wells personal training
The gym

Month-to-Month Consultations and Flexible Scheduling

laura walls personal training
  • Men, Women (in between)
  • Family
  • Couples
  • Individuals
  • Business
  • Athletes

Laura is a Professional Level Competitor

Since Laura has competed professionally, she has built her own strong, healthy body, therefore, she knows what it takes! Her professional fitness accomplishments, therefore support that she would able to help you reach your fitness goals. Her professional fitness level is noteworthy because she’s been through every step of the fitness journey herself from beginning all the way to the most elite level of training. It’s most likely safe to say that Laura must know her stuff.

Certainly, whatever your unique fitness goals are, Laura Walls, can help you get there. As a result of training with Laura, she can you to actualize your goals quicker in a healthy and safe manner. She can help you train from a beginning level and go all the way to an elite level of body training. Therefore, wherever you are now is a perfect place to start. Since Laura has completed professionally, she knows what it takes and can help you reach your goals because she’s been through every step of the journey herself. Take advantage of her expertise and experience and use her trials and errors to help yourself save time and energy.

Choose Laura to walk you through every step of the way. It seems like she is an experienced, LGBTQ-friendly trainer who will be particularly savvy and sensitive to whatever your needs and body goals are. What are you waiting for — Give Laura a call now!