Gay Realtor

Q.  Hi Mom, Where is the Gay friendly place to buy a house in Tucson, AZ?  Bill

A.  Hi Bill, my son would be better suited to answer your question, he is a Realtor here in Tucson.  That being said, you did ask me so I will tell you what I know.

I raised my son here in Tucson and he has been out since he was a teenager.   He is 46 years old.  He has never experienced any major issues that I know of regarding predjudiced in Tucson.  All of his gay and lesbian friends have homes everywhere here.  So, I think he would agree with me, all of Tucson is a Gay Friendly place to buy a home.  You can contact him and he will answer any questions you may have.  His name is Tony Ray and he is on the real estate page of this site.

Hugs, Mom