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Aint Nobodys Bizness

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Ain't Nobody's Bizness
Gay Owned
2900 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ
(520) 318-4838
 GLBT Bar and Nightclub
CLOSED?  Thats What We've Heard as of Dec 2011

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Commonly referred to as The Biz, this club is chic and unique. 

I would call Aint Nobodys Bizness a lesbian bar where men are definitely welcome.  By the decor and the staff, it would seem that it is more geared towards the lesbian clientele.  However, one of the things that has always impressed me about The Biz is that they have always made sure men feel welcome.

There have been nights when the door person has actually thanked us for coming.  What lesbian bar does that?  Not many.  That's one of the reasons why Aint Nobodys Bizness is a GLBT friendly bar.
One of the things that makes Aint Nobodys Bizness unique is the music. They have a strong Latin and hip hop crowd.  A nice change for those who want something other than dance music or country music.  Usually Saturday night is Latin music, check out the calendar of course.
Also check the calendar for their other events: Special events, karaoke night, open mic night, top 40 night, college night and WII game night (did someone say beer pong?) to name a few. 
The Biz has a dance floor (called the G-spot), an outdoor patio, pool table, indoor seating area and plenty of parking in front and back.

And just as important, it's convenient location makes it easy to get a taxi home.
Check out their website for more information

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Aint Nobodys Bizness
Aint Nobodys Bizness_Biz_lesbian_Bar_gay_.JPG
aka The Biz

Pool Table at The Biz
Aint Nobodys Bizness_Biz_Bar_pool_business_lesbian
Aint Nobodys Bizness

Seating Area at The Biz
Aint Nobodys Bizness_the Biz_ lesbian Bar_latin
Aint Nobodys Bizness

The Dance Floor at The Biz
Aint Nobodys Bizness_The Biz_ lesbian Bar_dance_latin
Called the g Spot

The Patio at The Biz
Aint Nobodys Bizness

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