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Tony Ray Baker Editor GayTucson

Tony Ray Baker, Realtor, ABR, CRS, GRI

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Helping the gay community buy and sell real estate since 1994.
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How I Started In Real Estate

I had been going to school for several years  and was pursuing several different majors.

I liked psychology, law, interior design and architecture. I was a very good student, all A’s, and I was  interested in all four subjects .

I pursued all four majors, only to find out that I didn’t like something about each of them.  It was driving me crazy.

I was complaining to my mom about it one day and she said to me; “Tony, You’ve always worked in sales and you’ve always been good at sales. You’re great with people. You’re also great in school. The problem is, if you could you would be a professional student. Why don’t you try real estate? It has everything you like, sales, people, psychology, law, design and architecture.”

It really annoyed me. I went home thinking she was encouraging me to quit school and I really did love school.

The following day I woke up, called a real estate school to find out what it would take to become a Realtor in Tucson, Arizona. Thankfully the light bulb must have lit up sometime in my sleep. And, like most of the time, Mom was right.

That was 1994 and I am still selling real estate, full time, in Tucson, Arizona.

Ironically, I am still going to school. As a Realtor, I had to go to real estate school to get my state license.

The state of Arizona requires that I renew my real estate license every two years by taking 24 hours of continuing education classes.

And me, loving school like I do, I’ve taken several more years of real estate school and have six accreditations: ABR, CRS, and GRI, NARgreen, Eco Broker and SFR.

I love Tucson and I love real estate and I get to go to school. Who would have thought? Okay, yes, you mom.  Thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

Always here to help,
Tony Ray

Your Friend in Real Estate
Full time Realtor since 1994

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Tony Ray Baker
Realtor, ABR, CRS, GRI
(520) 631-TONY (8669)

Tierra Antigua Realty
1650 E River Rd # 202
Tucson, AZ 85718
(520) 544-2996

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